We craft custom
software to help you disrupt your industry.

Product Development

Remove the pain of searching, recruiting and building a team. Focus on your business.

With 9,898 web applications built together with StylishThemes for businesses all around the world, there’s no doubt that we can handle hard work. 

Team Augmentation

Double your team in a matter of days to finish started projects.

If you have an in-house project that isn’t going according to plan or you just need a bigger team our best developers are ready to come and help.

Business Digitalization

Scale your business through technology.

BMan.ro was just a small local clothing store when we started working together. We’ve helped them with the digital infrastructure needed to start an e-commerce store and now the business has grown 10 times.

Digital Innovation

Bring your ideas to life and disrupt your industry.

If you want to build something innovative, we’d love to help you. We have a bad habit of doing stunning things like smart bots, drone platforms or smart search tools (AI based).

Our services.

Bots Development
Artificial Intelligence
E-commerce Development
AR/VR Development
Blockchain Development
IOT Development

The team behind the magic.

We’re lucky to have a team of friendly, open-minded, collaborative, and professionally growing people. 

Get in touch with us.

We are a custom software and digital innovation company that empowers thought leaders, growing companies and visionary startups to unlock their company valuation and greater profitability through strategic technology development.


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